G.I.D Tip #1: Face Your Fears

Face your fears anyway you can.



Are you trying to be someone you’re not? Showing the world who you want to be but not who you are? If you are, it’s time to learn how much you’re worth.

Pentatonix “Sing”

“It doesn’t matter if your days are long (Sing!) It doesn’t matter if your night’s gone wrong (Sing!) Just clap your hands and stomp your feet and sing it (Whoa, sing!) It doesn’t matter if he let you go (Sing!) It doesn’t matter if she hurt you so (Sing!) Get up and dance, just feel…

James Arthur “Get Down”

James Arthur is an amazingly talented singer. I fell in love with him once he won the UK  X-Factor with his cover of “Impossible” by Shontelle. This song to me is inspiring. I just can’t get enough of this song it’s so lovely. The only way to truly comprehend this song is to listen to…

One Direction’s “Drag Me Down”

Here’s another song that might just get your inner genius dancing. I know what you’re thinking; Everyone talks about this boy band? SO because of that I’ll keep it short. I chose this song because it shows that no matter what nobody can drag you down! So with that said, have a great day G.I.Ds!…

Little Mix’s “I Won’t”

If you need encouragement or just having an all out bad day then listen to this song. I absolutely love this song, it’s motivational, encouraging, fun, and overall a very strength-boosting song. Like it’s said in the song, ” I won’t let anybody tell me no. I won’t take anything for granted ’cause I know that…

Another Star

We all live and we all die. So don’t leave with the question; What did I leave behind? Leave knowing you’ll be a star.

My Gun

Your voice is a weapon. Use it wisely.