Genius In Disguise


I’m a loser lameo wanna be
Who seems to fit in with nobody
But yet involved in every club
Every sport you can ever think of

A butterfly in her cocoon
Who only blooms when she’s alone
Wings so full
Colors explode
Showing her soul
On tonight’s world show

But she refrains from the world
Afraid of the world’s harsh bite
Exclusively enclosed in her little bubble
But slowly easing from her fright of light
She begins to show her wings

It might not gleam right now
But till’ then
She’s a Genius In Disguise


One Comment Add yours

  1. Ms. Hayes says:

    Beautifully written, Genius in Disguise! I love the rhythm in the first two stanzas, and I like how you tied the title of your blog into the final line of the poem. Great first post!


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