My Gun

I have committed the perfect crime

The police will never find

A weapon or prints

Cause when I committed the crime

I used only one thing

A gun

It’s loaded with platinum bullets

And shoots with incredible force

Do you want to know the name of my gun?

It’s called a voice


The shape of my gun is the shape of a book

Filled with knowledge, nonviolence, and love

It doesn’t break bones

But open doors of change

With our words and actions


So, why fire and damage only one?

When your words could change a million and one

The next time you want to damage someone

Leave them with this


Watch out! I’m armed!

I have an infinite amount of bullets that lay on my tongue

I already won the battle you just begun

My words are more powerful than an atomic bomb

But I choose to bite my tongue

Because the hands behind the trigger of my gun is humble one

“Dark cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.”






One Comment Add yours

  1. Ms. Hayes says:

    “I have an infinite amount of bullets that lay on my tongue” HOLY COW I LOVE THAT SO MUCH! Seriously, that creates an amazing image and is a beautiful metaphor.

    Have you heard the song “Handlebars” by The Flobots? The theme of your poem and the theme of that song are similar, as is the juxtaposition of violent images and a peaceful message. You can check out the song at

    Very well done, GID! I’m proud of you!


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