G.I.D Tip #1: Face Your Fears

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a story with you guys on my first experience of facing my fears. The story takes place in my fifth grade school year. This was my first interaction with bullying face to face. I was shocked and confused to say the least because before this point I have never been bullied.  So confronted with this dilemma I asked my mother what to do. She told me that I should tell my teacher and/or confront the bully myself. Of course I didn’t do either option, I was a shy, timid fifth grader, so the bullying continued. Till, finally I’ve had enough and “told” the teacher, more or less. I wrote my teacher a letter and had my friend deliver it while I was already half way home. This was the first time I faced my fears. Even though I didn’t necessarily talk to my teacher I used my “gun” through my writing to make a difference. I leave you with this my GIDs, face your fears anyway you can.


Couldn’t have said it better myself!



Happy Thanksgiving!



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