Headache’s & Heartaches

Somebody must have thought to take my brain

And replace it with a hurricane of pain

But yet I keep talking on & on

I guess it’s a distraction

From the pain that keeps stacking

Can’t wait till I get home

So I can have some peace and some calm

This is what I call a Headache


Walk through the door

Finally alone!

Next, I take a few pills

Watch some Beverly Hills

To help unplug and spill out my thoughts from the day


As my thoughts start to spill

One remains still

My thought of you is caught in my brain

As my head starts to free from pain it’s been in

But it begins to fill my heart instead


Every time I was with you

You only cause me pain

Made me feel below

And never above

Or at least an average

This is what I called a Heartache


I still can’t believe

That every time I think of you

I go into immense grief


Now I have a Headache and  a Heartache


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