“I Have a Dream” Intro Poem

A great beacon of light Shown to millions of Negro slaves Whose been seared in the flames of injustice, Called the Emancipation Proclamation.   But this light is translucent Hundreds of years later The Negro is still not free Chained with discrimination and poverty Exile in his own land Dramatize to a shameful condition  …

Headache’s & Heartaches

Thinking of you gives me headaches and heartaches.


Are you trying to be someone you’re not? Showing the world who you want to be but not who you are? If you are, it’s time to learn how much you’re worth.

Another Star

We all live and we all die. So don’t leave with the question; What did I leave behind? Leave knowing you’ll be a star.

My Gun

Your voice is a weapon. Use it wisely.